Suar Wood Table

Pieces of Live Edge Suarwood Table
Pieces of Live Edge Suarwood Table bottom half

The Woodworking Process

From plain Slab to bespoke Artpiece

Every one of our pieces starts as a slab, created from a slice of a tree trunk. These trees speak through the grain of their wood. But it is difficult to read their stories, especially for an untrained eye. 

We keep an extensive inventory of the logs with a focus on figured wood grain. Once selected we make repeated parallel cuts until all boards are freed. We do not cut the bark edges off as to leave the natural “Live Edge” intact. 

Each individual piece of wood is hand selected and evaluated by its size, natural shape, thickness, colour, characteristics of the grain, texture, figure and structural integrity.

The selected slab is then designed with art in mind and sculpted by hand with unwavering passion.  Through its unique lines and curves, the live edge grain conveys the captivating story of its life. 

Live Edge Suarwood Table with Vintage Sofa

Our Team

The Seeds of Exception

We look beyond the trees and wood, seeing it as more than the bark it is encased in.

The shape and grains of the wood tell us the story of the trees. It captivates us to craft a unique beauty out of every piece to be shared with others.

Our mission is to transform quality wood slabs into conversational pieces. Producing quality tables is more than what we do. It is what we are.

Live Edge Suarwood Table with duck figurine

Artistic Vision

and Commitment

We build tables that celebrate simplicity and the natural beauty of wood and iron.

Live Edge is the new black in furniture. As well aged logs are a rarity, there is a growing appreciation for live edge wood slabs used in furniture design. The sinuous lines of live edges are hard to resist. They speak of fluidity in nature and grace in parallel grain lines that meander in river-like patterns.

They represent bold strokes in a singular sweep – the larger the piece the more striking. Put a slab in a room and it dominates the scene, completely taking it over.

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