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For anyone seeking to infuse natural elements into their corporate world

We have the perfect

With the right blend of nature and engineering, take your ordinary table to the next level with our hydraulic table stand.

Engineered with cutting edge hydraulic systems you can now pre-set your table to 4 different levels. With the touch of a button, watch your sitting work desk transition fluently to a high standing desk.

Stands are made to extend up to 1.4 metres in length to support large corporate tables.

And retract down to 0.85 metres to cater to a personal desk.

Live edge Suar wood table with 2 wooden stool
Live edge Suar wood table in office

Furnishing an office with ideal equipment is no easy feat. Our hydraulic stand lets you configure your table to your desired height, from as low as 0.6 metres to as high as 1.2 metres. You can now shop for chairs and other complementing accessories without any restrictions.

For the daily hustler, long hours of sitting can cause a plethora of health complications from back pains to diabetes. With our hydraulic stand, you need not compromise on your physical health. With a push of a button, seamlessly convert your conventional seating work desk to an ergonomic standing work desk .

Our hydraulic legs are perfect for any co-working space with the ability to withstand up to 150kg including the tabletop of your choice.

Live edge Suar wood table office set-up

Our Services

We’re boardroom, work desks and conference tables offer the richness of wood in distinctive designs and sizes that are created with the finest craftsmanship.

All our wood slabs are hand-picked by our artisan team and meticulously crafted while striving for a live edge finish.

We cater to custom specifications and uphold the highest quality of workmanship.

Wooden horse fugurine on live edge Suar wood table
Geumsog Hana chair

You choose us to create your desired Suar Wood Table?

We provide our clients with an array of different finishes, shapes, textures, and a contemporary sleek finish. Apart from this, other reasons to choose include:

  • You will be getting an exclusive end product which is entirely unique to you as our workmanship and the wood grains do not allow for identical products to be created
  • Our design incorporates Arigata joints for securing purposes and also adds on to the aesthetic beauty of the piece
  • Natural organic slabs are handpicked to be uniquely designed and custom made individually
  • We preserve and protect the wood slab naturally by using a tough and durable water-based coating

Interested on our Services?

Send Us an Inquiry or Commission Request via our contact page.

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