Live Edge Dining Table

Live Edge table is also commonly known as natural edge table. It is a style of furniture adopted by designers and also craftsperson who desire to incorporate the natural edge of the wood slab into the design of the furniture.

This action results in the production of a natural and organic looking table. That also brings along earthy and raw energy with it.

live edge table singapore
live edge table singapore

Natural Edge Wooden Table Crafted from Salvaged Wood in Singapore

This practice works well with salvaged or recycled wood which is something that our company believes in because we strive to adopt sustainable practices.

Although clean-cut, symmetrical furniture is pretty popular, there is a growing trend and demand for unconventional and unique natural edge furniture in Singapore.

live edge table slab singapore

At, we cater to this growing market and are more than happy to understand our customers’ preferences, should they wish to own a uniquely customized piece of furniture.

Live edge canyon table
Leopard Live Edge Table

Explore our diverse array of live edge furniture and find the one that calls out to you!

Thanya live edge table
Art live edge table
Live Edge Hagadere Coffee Table

Different Variations of Live Edge

Live Edges in itself, has a wide variation ranging from somewhat smoother edges to really intricate and natural edges.

At, we create truly exceptional and conversational pieces by retaining as much of the edges as possible to allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. These bespoke creations are truly admirable.

Although retaining the original shape of wood seems like a rather easy process, it requires ample amounts of effort and detail.


Apart from the unconventional edges of the table, live edge table also comes with some natural holes, cracks, and crevices in the wood. While some artists leave these as they are, others prefer to fill them with resins, epoxy, and such.

Live edge table is a mixture of contemporary and rustic styles.

Originally, it was categorized as rustic. As time went by, this style was also recognized as modern and contemporary. The ability of it to complement both rustic and modern interiors earned it such a reputation.

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