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The Origin of South American Walnut

The South American Walnut Tree is somewhat similar to the Suar Wood Tree, however not entirely. South American Walnut is also native to South America, particularly Peru. In the mid 20th century, Spanish colonists brought over this tree to Southeast Asia. It was particularly well known and appreciated for its wonderful qualities like the ability to provide shade due to its wide canopy and improving the quality of the soil by increasing the nitrogen content. Although they share the same botanical name, Albizia Saman, they have some significant differences. They differ in terms of place of origin, color, and density.

Appearance of South American Walnut

Due to the adapting to the climate and soil condition that it is native to, the South American Walnut wood tends to be of a higher density, robustness, and of a darker color. It displays a contrasting pale-yellow sapwood that complements the dark brown heartwood. The curves and bends of the grains outline the tree trunk distinctly. It is also more expensive than other types of wood. South American Walnut slabs are cut thinner than Suar Wood slabs.
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Benefits of South American Walnut

South American Walnut is known for its compact and generally good strength properties. It is very convenient to work with, especially with hand and power tools. There is a very clean finish. It is moderately durable and dries well. It is a great choice for high-class furniture, music instruments, and other equipment. South American Walnut Live Edge pieces exude a great deal of character and definitely act as bespoke, conversational pieces.
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